Make Your Online Dating Profile Better


35% of all marriages in the past 3 years started online.  That means a little over 1 out of 3 marriages came from online dating.  

But if you are reading this, online dating has not been successful for you yet.  You can keep chugging along and will most likely be successful eventually, or you can read on and learn how to optimize your profile so you get massively increased results.

Without further ado, I am going to give you the single most important piece of advice anyone can give you for online dating.

Be specific in your profile.

What does that mean?

No adjectives!  Do not say, "I am sweet, energetic, nice, and love to have fun."  This means nothing.  A nice person could see a friend walking down the street, stop them, chat for 5 minutes with a big smile and then head out.  Or, a nice person could see a homeless person on the streets of NYC, pick them up, take them to Olive Garden, buy them a chicken parmesan meal, have a 2 hour discussion on how the person could get a job, and then proceed to meet weekly to ensure the person gets off the streets.

Both these stories illustrate a nice person but are 100% different.  Thus, don't use the adjective but tell your specific story.