We couldn't wait any longer...

We saw the RNC. We went to the DNC. We read your tweets. We listened to your stories.

We're here to help (and we have normal-sized hands to boot!)

Even though we're still building you the best dating experience yet, we decided to get you matched as soon as possible.

Coming very soon...

Maple Match Gold Leaf is an affordable, concierge dating service designed to make dating human again. While the Maple Match platform is under development, we hope to connect Americans and Canadians as soon as possible. We have over 6,000 people with complete profiles on Maple Match, and we're excited for you to see who's out there!



Maple Match is designed to bring you real people you will work out with over the long haul. Simply provide some basic contact info, some classy photos, and information about yourself, and your ideal partner and we take it from there.


We find you suitable matches

Making dating human again requires real people making real matches, so you'll have the chance to speak with a REAL matchmaker who will help you with the process. 


you select the matches you like

We will send you matches that meet your basic requirements, so you don't have to worry about unknown red flags coming up before the dating begins. You select the ones you like, and we check in with your favorites.



Once you and your match have agreed to contact each other, we send you both basic contact information so you two can get the mapley goodness started!

We're still putting the finishing touches on our Gold Leaf service, but we're happy to provide some answers to your FAQs.


Is Maple Match Gold Leaf free to use?

The Gold Leaf service requires a human touch, so we naturally have to hire Matchmakers to make the mapley goodness happen. Making a profile will always be free, and anyone with a complete profile can be eligible for a match from a Gold Leaf subscriber. We look forward to offering a searchable platform with free matches in the near future.

Is the Gold Leaf service your Beta?

Maple Match Gold Leaf is not the Maple Match Beta we've been talking about for some time. Gold Leaf is a human-centric way of getting a match similar to other matchmaking services available, but at a much lower cost. Proceeds from Maple Match Gold Leaf fund the development of the Maple Match platform.

Why can't I view or edit my profile online?

We're currently developing ways to view and edit your profile online. Until then, sit tight, and drop us a line if you feel like you need to make any corrections!

When will Maple Match be fully operational?

Changing the way Americans and Canadians meet takes time, and we can only work given our current time and money constraints. In order to bring Maple Match to life faster, we're launching our Gold Leaf service as well as actively fundraising to get our users matched quicker!

This looks really cool; I want to talk with you about investment opportunities. 

Reach out to us at info@maplematch.com, and we'll send you our pitch deck to start the conversation.