Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get more matches?

Your matches are curated using the information you provide in surveys, so the more you tell us, the more targeted your matches! Additionally, the more people you message, the more opportunities you have to match with your better half!


1) Message matches you like and fill out surveys.

2) Select the 🚫  button on profiles you aren't interested in.

3) Refresh the match screen by swiping down. (You may also need to restart the app)

4) Presto! More and better matches! *cue maple sugar rush*

Still have questions? Send us a quick note at info@maplematch.com.

Is Maple Match real?

Absolutely! Maple Match is a very real company with the goal of bringing Americans and Canadians together in a fun, meaningful way.

Will Maple Match be operational if Donald Trump doesn't win the Presidential Election?

Yes, Tens of thousands of you have told us that they want to use Maple Match for dating, so we look forward to building the best experience out there for meeting quality matches online. 

I love the idea of Maple Match! How can I help?

  • We're right now building up the resources we need to make dating great again, so you can support us by rocking a super cool Maple Match tee or tank that helps support the development of Maple Match.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Instagram like our Facebook page!

Are you Canadian?

Nope, but we sure do love Canada and all things maple!